Will Secret Families happen in 2021? YES!

Like every business, organization, and family, we are rolling with the punches of 2020. As we prepare for the single largest volunteer event in Delaware County, we know we’ll have to adjust to keep you safe.

How Can You Make a Difference?

Secret Families Christmas Charity

Sponsor a Family

Every family sponsored by Secret Families Christmas Charity receives a Christmas tree, a family Bible, a $50 gift card, and presents to brighten their Christmas morning. Sponsor a family today for $550!

Secret Families Christmas Charity

Spread the Word

Would your church or business like to get involved with local charities? Learn about the Secret Families’ story and spread the word to your friends and family!

Secret Families Christmas Charity

Volunteer for 2021 Event

Sign up for Wrapping, Shopping and Delivery teams, or learn more about how you can get involved with Secret Families Christmas Charity 2021.

How Did Secret Families Begin?

In December of 2004, Chris and Al Holdren decided to not buy presents for each other for Christmas and instead use the money to provide a family in need with a tree and presents for the holidays. Now, 16 years later, Secret Families has provided all the Christmas essentials to a total of 2,720 families and on a yearly basis provides Christmas for around 350 to 400 families in the Delaware County area of school-aged children every year who otherwise probably would not have a Christmas.

Secret Families Christmas Charity